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Road sweeper truck Air filter function and inspection and maintenance

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-16
The role of the air filter is to filter out the impurities in the air into the cylinder to reduce the compression system-related parts wear. The air filter used on the engine can be divided into inertia type, filter type, integrated type, which can be divided into dry type and wet type according to whether the filter material is immersed in oil. 

Maintenance of dry inertial filtration
Dry-type air filter device by the dust cover, deflector, dust outlet, vacuum cups and other components, maintenance should pay attention to:
1, often check and clean the dust removal cover on the dust removal hole, remove the adhesion of dust on the deflector, dust cup dust down (dust container volume shall not exceed the volume of 1/3). Installation should ensure that the connection of rubber gasket sealing, no leakage phenomenon, or air short-circuit, reduce the rotation speed of the air, so that greatly reduce the dust removal effect.
2, dust cover, diversion from the right shape should be maintained, if the knock should be timely shaping, so as not to change the flow of air flow design and reduce the filtering effect.
3, some drivers to dust cup (or dust collector plate) in the fuel, which is not allowed. Because the oil is easy to splash to the dust outlet, deflector and other parts, so that this part of the adsorption of dust, will eventually reduce the filtration separation capacity.

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Maintenance of Wet Inertial Filtration
Wet inertial air filter device by the central tube, oil pool and other components, the use should be noted:
1, regular cleaning oil pan and replace the oil. Oil change should make the oil viscosity is moderate. Viscosity is too large, easy to plug the filter filter device to increase the intake resistance; viscosity is too small, the ability to reduce oil adhesion of dust, while splashing the oil is easy to be involved in combustion cylinder to generate carbon deposition.
2, the oil level in the oil tank should be moderate. Oil should be added to the oil pan between the upper and lower marks or arrow marks. Oil is too low, the oil is too low, the oil is insufficient, filter effect is poor; oil is too high, too much oil, easy to be sucked into the cylinder combustion, and can lead to "speed" accident.

Dry filtration filter-type maintenance
Dry-type air filtration device by the paper filter and sealing gaskets and other components, the use should be noted:
1, regular inspection, correct cleaning. Remove the dust on the paper filter, the application of soft brush along the crease direction to brush the dust filter surface, and gently tap the end to dust off. To do this, apply a clean cotton cloth or rubber stopper to both ends of the filter to compress the air or pump (pressure should not exceed 0.2-0.3MPA, to prevent damage to the filter paper) from the inside out of the filter to blow blow Dust attached to the outer surface of the filter element.
2, do not use water or diesel, petrol cleaning paper filter, or filter pore is blocked, increasing air resistance; diesel fuel is also easy to inhalation cylinder, resulting in overspending after installation "speed."
3, when the filter is damaged, or filter, the lower end of the surface warping, or deformation of rubber seals aging, damaged, should be replaced with new pieces.
4, the installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination of parts of the gasket or seal shall not be installed or installed wrong, so as not to short-circuit the air. Do not overtighten the filter butterfly nuts to prevent crushing. (broom sweeper)

Maintenance of wet filtration
This device is mainly composed of metal mesh impregnated with oil, the use should be noted:
1, regular cleaning with diesel or gasoline dust on the filter.
2, when the first assembly with oil-impregnated filter, until the excess oil drops to assemble. When installed, use the cake filter filter plate on the cross-frame overlay alignment, and to ensure that the filter inside and outside the rubber ring seal is good to prevent short-circuit into the air.