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Road rescue car hydraulic system is too much noise is going on

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-03-02
  There may be some years with the road rescue vehicle hydraulic system will appear too much noise phenomenon, in fact, the problem and the owners of the usual use and maintenance has a very big relationship. Today we will first analyze the causes of this phenomenon, and then explain the reasons for the response to the reasons. Causing the hydraulic system noise is too large for some reason, one, the road rescue vehicle system pressure or overflow valve flow rate is high; Second, the power system is abnormal; Third, the hydraulic fuel tank too much or too little As well as poor sealing of pipe joints and so on.
Road rescue car hydraulic system is too much noise is going on
    Through the above we understand the road rescue vehicle hydraulic system noise is too large, so that when the maintenance will be targeted, the corresponding solution: First, under the guidance of professionals or a professional maintenance staff Check the car's relief valve is not blocked or the pressure is too high, as long as the adjustment to the normal pressure can solve the problem; Second, if there is a problem with the power system, it is necessary to check the engine and the force is working; , The hydraulic fuel tank must ensure that the normal range, too high or too low will affect the use of road rescue car manufacturers also need to remind the majority of the old and new owners is: especially in the winter, we must always check the car Pipe joints, if found to be abnormal in time to fasten or replace, so as not to affect the normal use.