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Road Sweeper sweeping vehicle air filter maintenance

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-16
Road Sweeper road Sweeper vehicle air filters are ambient air into the engine dust and debris filters, in order to ensure clean air in the cylinder to reduce between cylinder and piston, piston set itself, as well as the wear of valve train parts.

Road Sweeper road Sweeper vehicle engines use the air filter to dry, the filter is subject to stringent resin handle made of high quality paper, fold-to provide a large filter area, can be replaced.
JMC 4x2 7m3 road sweeping truck with 4500L dust tank and 2500L water tank
Road Sweeper road Sweeper air filter air intake through the tube link with pre filter, vent pipes and turbocharger inlet pressure machine link. Air filter after a certain time of use, filter will become dirty, air filter air intake resistance will also increase when air filter air intake when resistance increases to more than 6.25kpa, the engine will not get adequate air supply and exhaust smoke, power shortage problem, then after road Sweeper road Sweeper for maintenance.

Operation and maintenance of air filters:

Absolute prohibition of the engine without the air filter or air filter work failed.

Users can be observed in the intake manifold on the rear of the air filter the air judging fault air filter clogged, when air resistance indicator indicates that the window by the normally green to red, then the filter intake resistance exceeds the limit value, needs to be cleaned or replaced. If no air resistance on the air filter indicator, depending on the level of dust content in ambient air to periodically check and clean or replace.

1, in ambient air, high content of road cars to work under special conditions, such as truck after 2500-5000 in (such as low dust content in the air can be appropriately extended)

2, non-automotive engines (such as generators, etc) after the 100-200h (such as low dust content in the air can be appropriately extended).

3, once the air filter blocked, should be immediately shut down clean or replace the air filter, which should be air-head rubber stopper of fault reset.