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Road Sweeper road Sweeper operating considerations

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-16
Road Sweeper road Sweeper operating considerations

1. in order to avoid operating errors, Sweeper Sweeper main valve and auxiliary valve control valve. Power of the main valve from the vehicle, Vice-valve power from under the engine. Main switch tilt valve management compartments and the back door, Vice-valve management brooms and the vacuum box.

2. the sweeper around under the rotational speed of the engine at 1500 rpm

3. Select whether you want to spray water and dust (spray water used) should pay attention to is working to meet the water needs, water tank can work for 3 hours.

4. electromagnetic valves on the pressure relief valve, adjusting the pressure can change to sweep speed

5. Select vehicle according to road conditions right and left sweep sweep also work

6. the accumulation of garbage because garbage, clean need manual

7. dust collection box of distance from the ground should adjust

8. vacuum tube dust adhesion, regular

9. Control box electrical is best removed when a change it needs to be replaced.

10. regularly inspect sanitation road Sweeper parts are normal

11. periodically check the hydraulic oil for road Sweeper road Sweeper is working. Foreign bodies on the solenoid control valve of hydraulic oils work caused a great deal of influence.

12. always check the road Sweeper road Sweeper under engine clutch actuator limit device is normal

13. control knob conversions should be an interval of 5 seconds

14. when a hydraulic road Sweeper road Sweeper is not working properly, check circuit and circuit.

Consists of two possibilities: 

1. circuits may be safely disconnected from the line out of the middle of the off line breaks 

2. oil pump fault pipe or connections may be leaking oil solenoid valve fault