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Road Sweeper Silence Adhere To Building A Green City

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-26

Green city mainly from the environmental aspects, with the environmental protection facilities in urban construction more and more perfect, everyone's vision seems to only see
the credit for the green, but forgot the road clean car and some clean car contribution. Urban construction not only requires environmental protection efforts, but the road sweepers have been one of the stickers. Urban greening needs to be based on a clean environment.

Usually we may encounter on the road sprinkler, garbage truck, but rarely see the road sweepers, mainly because the working hours of road sweeper truck is overlaped with our
sleep time. In order not to affect everyone's normal travel, road sweeper trucks are the least pedestrians on the road when the work began. So we will always forget the silence
of the workers. When the road becomes messy, dust and mud, we will always blame the road cleaning work is not in place.

Also only at this time, we recall the sanitation workers and road sweepers. Indeed, the road dirty looking for them, but even swept every day the frequency of cleaning, dust or
a lot, because the greening facilities have yet to be improved. But now urban development has been in your grasp of this work.

Environmental protection and greening are working hard, as part of urban life, we should take the initiative to assume the responsibility to protect the urban environment, to build a green city, starting from their own, starting from the small, do not litter, surroundings.