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Requirements for workplace of small concrete pump truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-16

Small concrete pump truck on the workplace requirements:
First, space needs
1, to ensure that there is sufficient space to fully expand the pump outrigger.
Concrete pump truck should be placed in the open place, or placed in the middle of the model legs to expand the minimum space. When the leg is deployed or moved, it is necessary to prevent it from reaching the obstacle, and the leg can not be operated until the leg is deployed in position.
2, to ensure that there is enough space to expand the cloth wall bracket.
The first boom is extended to the specified minimum deployment height before the second boom can be operated to prevent the boom from hitting other parts of the pump truck or scratching the ground. Before moving the boom, check whether there is an obstacle around it to prevent the boom from touching the building or other obstructions.
3, to ensure that there is sufficient space emissions.
Pumps are required to be adequately ventilated at the time of construction because the vehicle emits gas containing lethal elements or carcinogens that need to be released as soon as possible. (More details of concrete pump truck click here! )