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Removable hooked trash truck Garbage collection and removal steps

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-09

We often see in the streets of urban and rural areas or communities to place a 3 to 5 side of the trash, they are large capacity, but also how this heavy garbage trash can be cleared away? This is what we have to talk about the car unloading garbage truck is often said that the hook arm garbage truck loading and unloading process of garbage.

The 3 to 5 side trash can be used in conjunction with a detachable garbage truck. Each trash bin is placed in a different place and is collected and transported by the hook arm garbage truck. Garbage truck before loading garbage, no-load operation to 6 standard air pressure, hang power take, check the parts for leaks or abnormal, and then follow the instructions to operate the location of the instructions; the specific steps are as follows:

1. Pull up the trash bin to push the locking handle to the retracted position, lock the cylinder to retract, to retract the locking frame and lock the flip bracket with the frame.
2. Pull the arm handle to the extended position, pull the arm cylinder out, move the arm around the flip flip frame before the hinge axis rotation, the arm is in the hook box position, appropriate to adjust the height of the arm hook and box bending Hook alignment
3. When the hook is hooked to the box hook, continue pushing the handle down to the falling position, so that the garbage box to continue on the train (Note: to ensure that the trash box at the end of the frame with two rear wheels between)
4. When the trash box falls onto the attached frame, loosen the operating lever of the arm to return it to the neutral position, and then pull the locking handle to the locked position, lock the cylinder out, Tighten the frame and turn the flip frame with the trash box lock fixed, release the handle so that back to the median
5. Before unloading the garbage, the whole vehicle will reach 6 standard air pressure, then hang up the power take-off device and open the rear door lock device of the garbage box. At the first two-stage multi-way valve, first determine the locking frame to lock the hopper Body, and then pull the lever handle to the extended position, the trash can be prepared to tilt the dumping of garbage. (Changan small hock arm garbage truck for sale)