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Relevant knowledge of swing arm garbage truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-11

Many of my friends will not understand what is swing arm garbage truck, in fact, the meaning of the arm means that the arm through the left and right arm dumping a unified bucket, a car can be more bucket. If it is not very clear, then read the following chart, you will clear.

This car is mainly used in Dongfeng, the liberation of the chassis, and then install a unified supporting hydraulic lifting assembly, of course, the use of the swing arm to run garbage, its safety performance is high. Such a car with more than a bucket, a swing arm garbage truck to meet a large area of ??garbage disposal. Is a national general garbage bucket, with a dump function, hydraulic operation, garbage bucket can be suspended from the hanging, the work needs to run freely.
From the garbage truck we can be divided into four types: trapezoidal bucket, boat-shaped bucket, square bucket, sealing bucket. I am more optimistic about the seal bucket, the environmental protection is more cost-effective a garbage bucket models, this will not cause secondary pollution, to prevent leakage of pollution, in order to adapt to different environmental requirements.

Novice drivers when driving swing arm garbage truck when driving to know its rules of operation: First of all, the first point requires the driver to look around to see whether the work site to meet the requirements, followed by parking in the car after the main brake, hand throttle control pump speed. And then placed next to the warning signs, and then support the legs fuel tank on the ground, to confirm the rear swing arm manipulation, dumping and other operations. After the completion of the hopper transport operations, to confirm the following procedures: 1, garbage bucket chain in a relaxed state; 2, rubbish bucket and swing arm into the positioning pin locking; 3, support the cylinder back to the original position and insert T-bit latch ; 4, under the wheel brake pads have been removed.

A car driving for a period of time will need to be maintained, swing arm garbage truck is no exception, the driver to observe the car parts are clean, without the normal operation, timely detection and contact with the aftermarket, strive for maximum output.