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Refuse compression transfer vehicle body part

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-18

Compression garbage trucks are equipped with a hydraulic pusher system and rear Packer, litter into litter box body can be compressed, forwarding private dump, dumping the garbage truck. Mainly used for collection, transport bags of garbage.

It with other forms of refuse transport transportation vehicle is the difference: compression, crushing trash can, increasing the weight. Compressed convenient disposal of rubbish, save volume, avoid secondary pollution. We ordinary garbage compression compression is compressed into density of 400~600kg/m3 of 200~400kg/m3 of domestic waste.

Dedicated device of compression refuse collector cars and loading Chamber is composed of two parts. This chart is as follows as of the garbage truck, the car fixed on the chassis frame. Packed in box 2 in the rear compartment the back end, the convergence angle in the rear compartment and lift it around the spindle rotation driven by hydraulic cylinder. Garbage imports mount from the rear of the load compartment, then by a compression mechanism for compression of load compartments, finally squeezed into the litter compartment compaction. Cars equipped with pusher driven by hydraulic cylinder and unloading garbage, first rises in the loading compartment is lifting hydraulic cylinder back, car back-end in the open State, and push the plate back to launch the litter compartment, and the car manual garbage collection or crane hoisting mechanism can be used to mount the barrel of trash dumped into the compartment.