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Refrigeration unit and envelope how to use and maintain, extend its life better

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-11

   Van refrigerated trucks, the chassis, refrigeration units, envelope three departments, refrigeration units and envelope how to use and maintain, to better extend its life.

   Refrigeration unit directly determines the temperature inside the cargo compartment and the insulation effect, do the following, can effectively extend the useful life of refrigeration units:

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1, before starting to wait to open the engine running balance refrigeration units, refrigeration units must not be opened before starting the engine; to do the inspection and maintenance work, make sure that all units of fasteners and connectors should be solid and reliable, if loose tighten (check focusing and compressor installation bracket fixing screws); confirm pulleys, belts, evaporator fan and other rotating parts if there is a flexible material is wound or contact with other parts, if cleared immediately; confirmed condensers, evaporators, heat if films such as paper, thread and a large dust adhesion, should be excluded from scraps of paper and other foreign matter, and high-pressure air clean dust blown from the radiator; loading the goods cannot block the evaporator outlet and return air, to keep within the cargo compartment cold air circulation, to ensure that no hot spots inside the car.

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2, shutdown, turn off the refrigeration unit and then turn off the engine; when the refrigeration unit is running at least 100 hours to repeat the above steps 1 maintenance; if not in use for a long time, the unit will be run every 15 days for about 1-2 hours Close again, check the stability of each line should be followed to ensure that the refrigeration unit is in normal working condition.