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Refrigerated trucks common braking system problems

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-03

Refrigerated trucks manufacturer

Van Refrigerated truck

Refrigerated trucks common braking system problems are there?

1. Symptom: step on the brake pedal refrigerated trucks, pedal does not rise, without resistance;

Analyzing Cause: Check the brake fluid if missing; whether the brake wheel cylinders, pipes and joints leak; whether the master cylinder, wheel cylinder parts damage;

2. Symptom: brake pedal in the end, the braking effect is not good; continuous braking effect no improvement, and gradually increased pedal;
Analyzing reasons: mixed with gas in the braking system;

3. Symptom: continuous brakes, pedal return increased braking effect improvement;

Analyzing Cause: friction and brake drum gap is too large;

4. Symptom: continuous brakes, pedal position increases, and a sinking feeling;

Analyzing reasons: oil spills;

5. Symptom: low pedal position; then step, the position can not be increased, feeling stiff;

Analyzing Cause: The master cylinder clogged;

6, fault phenomenon: normal pedal height, not soft not sink, but the braking effect is not good;

Analyzing Cause: friction and brake drum gap is too large or oil;

7, Symptom: Brake deviation;

Analyzing Cause: refrigerated trucks skewed to the left, the right wheel brake was not working, and vice versa;

8. Symptom: refrigerated trucks travel for a distance, the brake drum (disc) fever;

Analyzing Cause: Check the brake master cylinder, brake cylinder or tube;
9. Symptom: Brake pedal free travel is too small;

Analyzing reasons: to be adjusted;

10. Symptom: brake fluid level to rise slowly;

Analyzing Cause: Loosen the bleed screw, observe the brake shoe return situation. If the brake shoe return