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Reasons and Solutions to Aerial Work Platform Running Slowly

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-21

Causes of Slower Operation of Aerial Work Platform

The first point:
Hydraulic lifting platform slow down the lift, self-regulating relief valve. Relief valve adjustment, not only did not enhance the speed increase, but the lifting platform failure to stop the operation.
Second point:
After the use of equipment purchased, due to improper use or aging, the use of hydraulic lifting platform, the phenomenon of the slowdown. After the speed slows down, first consider the hydraulic oil flow factor. The factors affecting the hydraulic oil flow are: hydraulic piping, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, motor speed devices, etc.
Third point:
Relief valve is usually placed inside the pump station, one side of the adjustment valve. Its role is to prevent the hydraulic system pressure is too high and to protect the hydraulic system settings, simply set the relief valve is dangerous, cylinder or tubing pressure is too large, it is likely to blasting a serious failure. Lift platform customers to adjust their own because of the relief valve to stop the fault.

The Solution to the Slowdown of the Aerial Work Platform
The first point:
The hydraulic system pressure should only be checked when the hydraulic lifting platform is not able to start the load. If the pressure is below the normal range, the relief valve setpoint can be adjusted.
Second point:
Hydraulic oil deterioration or impurities. Hydraulic oil for a long time, the hydraulic oil may have impurities or deterioration, sampling to check to see if the solid particles, discoloration, become smelly, if necessary, to replace the hydraulic oil.
Third point:
Hydraulic lines may be blocked. Hydraulic piping is also a very important part, check the hydraulic pipe is smooth. Wen Shao lift to remind you to focus on checking the hydraulic valve, including one-way valve, solenoid valve, proportional control valve, relief valve, etc. whether there is jamming, jamming phenomenon. If there are problems, should be promptly cleaned or replaced hydraulic valve. (Aerial work platform truck with famous crane choice)
fourth point:
Hydraulic pump is also an important factor affecting the flow of hydraulic oil. Use of hydraulic pump for too long, but also prone to problems, hydraulic lift platform slows down, you should check the hydraulic pump oil flow is stable. If found in time with the manufacturer contact, so as to avoid the warranty period.
Fifth point:
There may be a leak in the hydraulic system. Check the hydraulic system for leaks, check the hydraulic pipe and joints, cylinder, hydraulic valve connection, if there is hydraulic oil leakage phenomenon, the replacement of composite mat or winding raw material belt.
Sixth point:
Do not adjust the relief valve.