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Rainy season flatbed truck should do lubrication

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-11

China flatbed truck manufacturer

Chian fatbed trcuk manufacturer

Higher summer temperatures and more rain in this season flatbed various parts are susceptible to injury, so to do maintenance work on them, in order to ensure their normal operation. In particular, to do the work of flatbed trucks lubricating components, mainly to do the engine, wheels, brakes, transmission and other parts of lubrication.

The engine is the heart of flatbed truck to power the car to walk, the relationship between the vehicle's power, economy, environmental protection. In summer, the engine is easy parts problem. Thus, the engine should receive special care, summer engine should be replaced with a high-viscosity grade oil, and appropriate to shorten drain intervals.

China flat truck

Flat barrel-shaped wheel hub is the central unit of the tire to support the tire profile, the application drop point higher summer grease.
Flatbed transmission, is a set of coordinating the transmission speed of the engine and the wheels of the actual traveling speed for optimum performance of the engine, transmission and differential gear switching to summer of thick oil.

Flatbed vehicle brake system is applied to certain parts of a certain force to be some degree of forced braking means of a series of special summer should be a higher boiling point of the brake fluid.

Summer flatbed good lubrication, can effectively reduce the incidence of rust Tong, an increase lubricity of the components to ensure their normal operation.