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Rainy day junk car maintenance tips

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-17

After the garbage truck during the rainy season operations, with no garbage truck maintenance, would wreck the life of garbage trucks, Czech car manufacturer below take you to understand how to maintenance the garbage truck during the rainy season.

Garbage truck chassis care

Garbage truck chassis and the ground closest to the site, particularly seriously affected by traffic, the area most prone to rusting, perforation of the wheel casing may even loose. Therefore, must pay attention to the garbage truck chassis clean the anti-rust treatment on a chassis rust, rust can hold for 3 months. Finish rust preventive care but also do not use alkaline cleaning rinse the body and chassis, it will affect the rust and to shorten the time of rust.

Garbage trucks-start
Rainy days, garbage truck often encounter the engine difficult to start problems, sometimes even managed to start up, is also weak. This problem most likely comes from the ignition system leakage because of damp. In addition, may be the one to rain the weather gets cold, sealed inside the Distributor, hot air may condense into water droplets inside the Distributor, minimal flooding, and loss of function of the normal ignition.

Once is because the ignition system ignition caused by the damp side, engine performance, it is best to use dry paper towel or a dry cloth dry Distributor and wires inside and outside, and desiccant desiccant spray spray cans in the Distributor CAP, battery connector ignition coils, spark plugs, power lines and, after a while you will start the engine.

Garbage truck wiper repair
Increasing rain wipers take on more responsibility, because road on a rainy day and the line of sight are not conducive to driving if wipers fail to brush away the rain, will give you job security posed a serious risk of the garbage truck, wipers play a very important role at this time, so be more careful with its maintenance.