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RV travel must know the relevant matters

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-07

RV/motorhome traveling Notes:

1, RV/motorhome in the water supply system is a very important part, if used inadvertently clean up will cause harm to human health, the new car in the use of only play, be sure to the best cleaning and disinfecting the drinking water system preparation . After the need to drive to 5,000 kilometers in the time, we must do a good job disinfection work.

2, in preparation for travel, be sure to have all the necessary equipment are fully prepared to determine the mailbox and the tank is filled, the most important thing is to check the safety of RV on a good car to see if there is leakage .

3, when the vehicle in the process of moving, do not arbitrarily in the car chaos, if the bed is on the lower berth, it is best not to sleep in the upper berth of the location. Stacked items must do a fixed job, to avoid the bumpy road crash situation.

4, arrived at the camping site, you need to park the car first, and then in the water and wastewater pipes to the installation is good, and finally ready to start the personal use of equipment.

RV/motorhome travel preparation equipment:

1, RV/motorhome should have a refrigerator, bed, microwave oven, gas stove, bathroom and so on the basic facilities, so as to be able to travel the way to do a delicious meal
delicious meal.

2, RV/motorhome inside the space and the bed is limited, in order to be able to ensure adequate rest places, it is best equipped in a good camping tent.

3, in order to protect the safety of driving, driving in the car during the process, it is best not to speak car refrigerator for refrigeration, waiting to reach the destination after the use of independent generators for refrigeration.

4, before the trip must check the toilet flushing device to ensure that there is no leakage of water tank situation. After the use of the toilet convenient, be sure to rinse in time, because the car space is limited, to avoid odor.

5, if you want to take a bath, it is best to park RV/motorhome in a place where there is external water washing, so as to be able to supply sufficient water. If the camping
ground water is not very convenient, while the car's independent water tank capacity is limited, be sure to save water.