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Proper use of refrigerated trucks and more fresh goods

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-03

Refrigerated truck manufacturer

Refrigerated truck

Long-distance transport of food is the most important means of transport refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks can play a role in the preservation of food in order to prevent abuse of food rot. Cold chain logistics is now a domestic trends, a large number of cold chain refrigerated trucks to be applied to the transportation industry. However, the use of refrigerated trucks in the process, some drivers do not know how to effectively use refrigerated trucks to the best food preservation. Undoubtedly the most important part of refrigerated trucks refrigeration unit, if the unit does not control the refrigeration compartment is not expected to reach the desired temperature. Maintaining the temperature inside the cabin from some small details of the start, during transport, no longer have to fear.

First, before the goods are not put into the refrigerated compartment, we need to be disinfected inside the envelope, cleaning and ventilation process, so you can ensure the goods against contamination during transport, so keep the original flavor. Some foods may have a special smell, this time we have to keep inside ventilation to dissipate the smell.

Second, prior to the shipment, should advance to the refrigeration unit is turned on, within the cargo compartment until the temperature reaches the specified temperature transport of goods after the goods will be loaded inside the cargo compartment. Users have questions, empty compartments open refrigeration units, that much waste ah! In fact, the saying goes, may quicken the work, and then when the temperature reaches a specified value than the discharge cargo discharge cargo outset preservation / cooling effect is much better, and everyone might be able to know the actual testing, this experience also gives manufacturers of refrigerated trucks.

Third, the body placed in the cargo compartment is also very important, if placed irregular, not conducive to air cargo is not conducive to the flow of cold air inside the compartment. When placing goods not placed dense, so that you can think a little more luck, it should be appropriate to stay a little gap for air circulation.

Fourth, unloading, should reduce the door opening time and frequency up / down when transporting goods quickly to minimize outside air flow into the interior cargo bed, causing air loss, causing the inside temperature imbalance