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Precautions wreckers use spare wheel

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-19

car wrecker spare tire and spare wheel is not the same, size, dimensions, patterns are the same. Generally they are interchangeable generic, but also pay attention to some things:

 Wrecker car

1. The spare wheel should not replace a regular prolonged use of tires. When the vehicle spare wheel is used, should pay attention to speed, it is best not more than 90 km / h. Because the use of less common spare tire, and therefore the opportunity of friction with the ground is relatively small, such as after the spare wheel set, because four different coefficient of tire friction, different traction different pressures, prolonged use of the system by the vehicle dynamic systems, steering systems and suspension systems have some impact.

2. parts of oil loss. The main component of the rubber tire, rubber and fear most is the erosion of various oil products. If the tire has been stained with oil, for a time with a neutral detergent to wash the oil off.

 Wrecker car

3. Understand the spare tire models. These figures are very important to traffic safety, especially tire load index and speed, which exceeds a provision would traffic safety.


4. Replace the fixing screws, the angular response parts, will bolt uniform force, the tires can not be played while driving.


5. The spare wheel is not the same with positive air pressure. Before using the spare wheel, spare wheel should be used regularly barometer gauge should be pressure to find professionals to adjust as quickly as possible to normal use.


6. After patching a tire if you want to use again, should be placed in the rear wheel wrecker, is because the risk factor after the front tire is relatively higher, so repair rear tire was placed relatively safe.


Besides, the destroyer the tire to a certain age, everyone should be replaced, not with, the use of the exchange, the best spare tire wrecker, as only an emergency.