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Precautions for daily use of refrigerated trucks

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-25

1, the interior of the compartment must be kept clean; the ground should not leave wrapping paper and scrap; debris will prevent the air from flowing or being inhaled by the evaporator. When using a refrigerated truck, keep the inside of the compartment clean. Due to the role of the evaporator fan, the air will circulate in the compartment, resulting in ground crushed or dirty things by the evaporator fan inhalation. Long time effect, will make a lot of impurities inhaled into the evaporator coil, thus affecting the refrigeration unit cooling effect. Because the coil will be surrounded by a little bit of impurities, resulting in the coil heat exchange rate decreased. So a few years after the use of refrigerated trucks will feel the cooling effect is not as good as the beginning, in addition to their own fault reasons, because the coil is too dirty due. So to ensure that the car floor clean is to ensure the normal working hours of the refrigeration unit.

2, handling properly; the door should be opened when the freezer; as soon as possible to shorten the door open time; loading and unloading cargo as much as possible the use of strip curtain. Separate dry goods (empty basket) and perishable items with partitions. In order to ensure the temperature of the cargo within the compartment, it is recommended to use a bar curtain for the distribution of vehicles in the city to ensure that the air-conditioning in the compartment will not be quickly lost when the unloading is not carried out (when the freezer is not closed) The goods at different temperatures are forbidden to be stored in the same compartment space. Should be separated with a partition. As the freezer is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, rather than cooling, so mixed with different temperature of the goods, will affect the temperature of the goods, resulting in the quality of goods affected. Proper operation and use of refrigerated trucks is the key to ensuring the quality of temperature control. But also to ensure that the refrigeration equipment can work properly. Insulated refrigerated containers are similar to containers, but are made of materials with better thermal insulation and reduced heat exchange. Suizhou City Ruike steam reminder: As the food cold chain is to ensure the quality of perishable food for the purpose of maintaining low temperature environment as the core requirements of the supply chain system, so it is more than ordinary room temperature logistics system requirements, more complex, Investment is much larger, is a huge system engineering.

3, the correct operation can ensure that the goods can be kept in good condition and delivery. Only the correct use and operation of a good refrigerated trucks, to ensure the integrity of the goods shipped and preserved. Because refrigerated trucks are specifically designed for use in temperature-sensitive products, the guarantee of temperature is the key to refrigerated trucks. If used or improperly operated, will cause the goods to be kept in good condition or transported.

4, preventive maintenance can make maintenance and operating expenses to a minimum. In our normal use of the process, the maintenance of vehicles and refrigerators and maintenance are inseparable. Only on time the equipment for proper maintenance and maintenance, in order to ensure the normal use of equipment and extend the service life of the equipment. Usually the chassis engine is in accordance with the mileage of maintenance and maintenance, and refrigeration units in accordance with the engine hours to develop maintenance and maintenance. The general refrigeration unit is 500 to 700 hours for a maintenance and repair, need to replace the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter; and pay attention to check the belt tightness, refrigeration system, whether leaks; However, the current individual brands of refrigeration units (such as The United States cold king) in order to meet the needs of environmental protection, to minimize damage to the environment and reduce emissions of harmful substances, and thus the use of synthetic or semi-synthetic oil to replace ordinary oil, thus extending the engine maintenance time, usually in accordance with 2000 hours to do maintenance. Thus reducing the emissions of used oil. In addition, through scientific experiments, through the use of this high-end oil, not only to reduce the wear on the engine, but also can reduce the engine fuel consumption. Therefore, the scientific maintenance and maintenance, not only can ensure that the equipment is intact, but also can reduce operating costs.

5, the appropriate packaging for the protection of goods is essential. For refrigerated cargo unventilated crates, containers for freshly ventilated side walls are ventilated. The box must be compressed. As the frozen goods are not allowed to wind blowing from the surface, because the wind blowing over the surface of the goods, will make the goods in the water loss, resulting in decreased quality of goods. This year our country on the development of bulk frozen food are not allowed to sell, there must be packaging sales is the truth. The fresh items because of its own characteristics, the product in the storage and transportation process is still in a breathing state, if not a good ventilation, the goods will deteriorate damage. So must ensure that such goods have good ventilation and ventilation.

6, set the thermostat in the required temperature, pre-cooled car 1.5 hours to drain the heat trapped in the trunk; loading the refrigeration unit will be closed, quickly loading. At the time of loading, the car must be pre-cooled or warmed up. Because the vehicle parked in the open air, usually the compartment temperature is the ambient temperature. If the temperature of the goods to be delivered is not the ambient temperature, the cargo is loaded into the carriage, and the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the conveyed cargo, resulting in a change in the quality of the conveyed goods. So the preload must be pre-cooled to the required temperature. However, the cooling unit must be shut down at the time of loading (unloading). Many people in the loading and unloading of goods are not closed when the refrigeration unit, in fact, this is a very wrong operation. The reason is: when we put the compartment after the cold, if not shut down, open the car door, because the refrigerator unit evaporator fan is working, the fan is positive pressure, and the back of the negative pressure, so the air from the upper part of the car But the lower part will be outside the hot air quickly sucked in, resulting in the rapid rise in the temperature inside the car; if the load and unload after loading and unloading of goods, because the fan is in a stopped state, the air flow to stop, inside and outside the wind pressure, which makes the external heat The speed of air transfer into the compartment is relatively slow.

7, the goods must be pre-cooled to the required temperature, loading the goods to check the temperature; refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, rather than to reduce the temperature of the goods. Many refrigerated car users have a wrong concept, always think refrigerated trucks on the freezer is free to load the goods into the compartment frozen or heated to the required temperature. Therefore, the lack of transport temperature requirements of the goods into the compartment, and then set the cooling unit to its required transport temperature, through a certain period of time the temperature of the goods down to or rise to its required temperature. But the opposite is true, the goods not only the temperature drop down (or not up), but to damage or deterioration of the goods. Because the refrigerated truck refrigeration unit is not to reduce the temperature of the goods, but to maintain the temperature of the goods, he was like we used to sell cold drinks with quilts, the goods wrapped up. When the outside of the cold (heat) through the radiation, conduction, convection into the envelope, the cooling unit was blown out of the cooling unit, isolated heat into the goods. Therefore, when loading, you must first measure the temperature of the goods loaded. If the temperature of the set point of the cooling unit is higher or lower than the temperature of the cargo, the temperature of the cargo in the compartment is difficult to reach the temperature required for transportation. The storage temperature and shipping temperature of the cargo must be consistent. If the temperature of the cargo changes frequently, the moisture will be lost and the quality of the goods will change, resulting in shortening the shelf life of the goods.

8, even if the unit capacity exceeds the actual needs of the air circulation will lead to deterioration of the main reasons for the goods; any block around the goods may lead to - "hot spots." A qualified refrigerated truck must ensure that the six sides of the compartment are well ventilated and that there is no obstruction on the six sides of the cargo; good air circulation ensures that the goods are transported at the appropriate temperature. The cold (hot) gas blown out of the refrigeration unit isolates the cold (hot) source from the outside into the compartment and protects the cargo. If a position is blocked, the part of the cold (hot) source will directly enter the items, resulting in changes in the temperature of the goods. To ensure that the air conditioner is in good condition; do not block the inlet of the evaporator (return air); the lack of return air will produce irregular circulation and cause the top cargo to freeze.

9, the goods must be stacked on the double-sided pallet; fresh goods on the pallets can not cover the film, the film will block the circulation of cold air circulation to the goods; can not block the goods under the floor. The general refrigerated car floor is made of ventilated aluminum rail flooring; but there are some refrigerated trucks without aluminum rails, is the use of flat non-slip floor. Usually used as a third party transport business or for dairy enterprise carrier is the use of flat non-slip floor, the purpose is suitable for a variety of products transport, or easy to clean the ground. But must pay attention when loading, must use double-sided pallets to load, to ensure that the surface of the cold air circulation. It is forbidden to stack the goods directly on the floor.

10, do not put the goods in the evaporator before the export, otherwise it will hinder the cold air flow; blocking the top of the goods will lead to cold air flow short circuit. Keep a minimum 225 mm distance between the top of the cargo and the roof. Loading, do not put the goods heap too high, be sure to ensure that the loading height is not higher than the outlet height of the plane. If the outlet in front of the goods blocked or too close to the goods, not only will affect the storage and transportation temperature of the goods, but also affect the normal operation of the refrigeration unit. As the outlet is blocked by cargo, air conditioning (or hot air) can not normally circulate in the compartment, thus raising the local temperature of the cargo. On the other hand, some of the defrosting design of the refrigeration unit is airborne defrosting. When the cargo and the outlet too close, the unit evaporator tube will quickly frost (or ice), air sensor switch immediately action, the unit will quickly enter the defrost state; when the coil temperature rose to 9 degrees (design temperature) Around, defrosting immediately ends. So the unit will appear in the cycle of the above operation, resulting in the body temperature drop down the phenomenon. Give everyone the only feeling that the unit is always frequent defrost. In fact, because the goods are loaded too high (more) due.