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Power Takeoff difference of Fire truck, water tank fire truck and water truck

  • Author:Fire truck
  • Release on :2016-04-29
Power takeoff is installed between gearbox and clutch,  engine drives the power takeoff through gearbox, the through the power takeoff drives the water pump or fire pump etc.   Our water truck, fire truck or water tank fire truck can start the delivery water work only with Power take off.
However the power takeoff is different for them.
Fire truck and water tank fire truck: sandwich force power take off
Water truck: normal direct loading power take off
Sandwich force power take off:  it is installed on the engine joint directly, so that means the engine will drive the fire pump work directly. If you need strong power, choose this type. Now all the fire trucks adapt such type.
Normal direct loading power take off: it is installed on the gearbox, so that means it will get the power from the engine first, then drives the water pump to work, so its power is not strong enough as the sandwich power take off, but it still can meet the demand power for water truck.