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Powder material truck (powder tanker) drivers will watch over you really maintenance operation?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-26

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Powder material truck, also known as powder or bulk cement tanker truck, by the special purpose vehicle chassis, bulk cement vehicle tanks, tracheal road system, automatic discharging device and other parts. It is mainly used for fly ash, cement, lime powder, mineral powder and granular base powder particle diameter of not more than 0.1 mm dry bulk transport of materials. We can often in the warehouse for cement plant, cement, and large construction site to see such a vehicle. For special like powder tank car in the use of more complicated operation and maintenance, many details and key users need extra attention, we have today, from the perspective of the powder tank car maintenance, learn common breakdown of the powder tank car.

A, powder tank car maintenance

1, automobile chassis: according to the auto chassis specification requirements of the chosen.

2, air compressor, according to air compressor specification.

3, take force: often pay attention to regularly check the running status of the lubrication condition, if there is any abnormal noise should rule out timely find out the reason, should check once a year gear wheels and wear, and overspeed.

4, gas path: should regularly check the sealing condition, such as timely exclusion of leak; Always check the valve working condition, if the failure should be repair or conversion; Safety valve to ensure open when pressure is 0.2 Mpa, and shall not make the tank pressure more than 0.2 Mpa.

5, tanks, check regularly whether the welding seam of tank leakage phenomenon, if found to have this phenomenon, the repair welding shall be carried out in a timely manner.

6, tanks chamber: canvas check, if the humidity airtight or damaged, should be replaced in a timely manner; Check whether air chamber layering compaction, if there is leakage phenomenon, will affect the unloading effect, should be ruled out in time.

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Second, the powder tank car unloading safety operation procedures

1, every time before open inlet, must first open the pressure relief valve, inlet pipe ball valve, after being ruled out more than tank gas is expected to open again, lest hurt accidents.

2, pay attention to the pressure gauge is working correctly, often fight pressure gauge malfunction, over-pressure, and produce burst of tank leakage.

3, usually check the safety valve, to ensure began in 0.2 Mpa pressure, may make the pressure in the tank is more than 0.2 Mpa.

4, often see if operation table can work normally, so as to avoid excess to damage the air compressor and the power lifter (specifically powder tank bicycle).

5, often lean to force, and air compressor rotation voice, if there is abnormal sound, should immediately stop the troubleshooting.
Third, powder tank car unloading steps

1, check before discharging discharging disc valve, external interface air supply and exhaust valve and two inlet is shut down and tighten, if not tighten, tighten, prevent gas leakage;

2, starting the engine and transmission in to gap, on the clutch pedal at the same time, make the transmission and engine completely separated;

3, open the solenoid valve switch, slowly release the clutch pedal at the same time, make the air compressor rotation.

4, adjust the operating mechanism of the control handle, the air compressor speed to 900 r/min, and stabilize;

5, when the pressure is 0.18 MPa, first open the blowpipe, then open positions before and after discharging disc valve, began to discharge, a pointer to a stable value after air compressor;

6, after the pressure drops to 0.04 Mpa, the warehouse has been discharged, close to torch and after the opening and closing positions disc valve a few times, and then after the warehouse after the disc valves and warehouse inlet valve closed, the former warehouse unloading, only to then pressure will rise and stability to a certain value;

7, when the barometric pressure reaches 0 mpa, discharging finished, close the air compressor power switch (closed), closed discharging disc valve.