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Powder material truck (powder tank truck) unloading process precautions and emergency measures to ke

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-26

Bulk cement truck picture

bulk cement truck

Matters needing attention in the process of powder tank car unloading

1, don't put powder should be paid attention to when charging cans with, should be set aside space to make powder capacity;

2, should avoid sundry mix tank, make the discharge pipe blockage, affect the discharge rate and residual rate;

3, during unloading operation step 3, such as air compressor have abnormal sound, should be on the clutch pedal, shut down the engine, shut down power electromagnetic valve switch, troubleshooting, to work;

4, for discharging operation step 6, should pay special attention to changes in pressure gauge, the operator can not leave the scene, avoid high pressure phenomenon;

5, daily should stay inside the tank dry, avoid powder agglomeration;

6, vehicle maintenance and repair, should prevent parts and touch and avoid hitting, in order to prevent the parts damage, deformation, knock against, scratches, etc., must pay attention to clean when parts refitted;

7, air compressor, air compressor side should avoid standing;

8, speed up, refueling door don't too hard, the strength should be uniform,

9, at the bottom of the suction mouth and the distance can be adjusted, usually in 30 ~ 50 mm;

10, remember that cannot use an external air exhaust mouth;

11, its pressure machine for other reasons in the process of decompression and stop air compressor work, should be closed before and after the positions of inlet ball valve, and then open the external gas source; Later shut down an external source, open positions before and after the inlet ball valve;

12, special note: after the first discharge, must inspect the fulcrum of the bolts and U bolt, and tighten all bolts; Later should be regularly check for each bolt, if found loose ore, should tighten.

Powder material truck

Powder material truck prices

Emergency treatment

1, pneumatic pressure, when a tank caused by high pressure relief valve opens, can open the exhaust valve decompression;

2, tank, the water should be through the two water drain valve at the bottom of the tank in the water, if the fluidized bed wet canvas, fluidized bed should be canvas change in time, avoid the cement on the agglomeration;

3, in the process of unloading, such as other abnormal situation need to stop discharging, can first close the discharge valve disc, and then through the open exhaust valve will be removing the fluidized chamber pressure.