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Post-90s young guy speaks to compete beyond Baoding "fritters brother" by mobile sales tru

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-14

Wany,post-90s,graduated from college, to stay in Beijing. Looking for a job, salary is fairly good, the days of calm is also normal. With age, the twinkling of an eye to the wedding of the year, house prices soaring, home conditions and general, buy a house he would not dare to think. The introduction of the object and therefore are not negotiated. In desperation, Wang decided to quit Beijing's work, back home to start their own businesses!(Mobile sales truck for sale)

Entrepreneurship is easy to say, it is difficult to do, save a few years of work, although the next point money, but the company needs a lot of money to open their own, that point is a far cry from that. Xiao Wang is a filial child, do not want to let the family feel the pressure because of financial problems. After several visits, Wang learned that there are a lot of people selling goods selling cars. Vending a set of mobile strong, flexible, with the go with the sale, environmental health, body advertising and many other advantages in one, you can also use a car, the cost is low, which makes his heart. So he found a lot of online information about the relevant vans, compared to many manufacturers of vans, the best reputation or special vehicles. Can buy a car, after all, is a major event, Wang decided to go or factory site visits!

Changjie special automoible Co. sales consultant warmly received Wang, Wang found that driving sales can save expensive facade fees, renovation costs, multi-functional car, user-friendly design, may at any time open to the flow of people, the day Xiao Wang To handle the procedures for the car, the car home!

Car bought, do what?

Wang recalled the days of his office workers, breakfast did not have time to do, are on the outside to buy food, not outside the buns is the filling cake, pancake, you want to do well or have their own characteristics. After several working weeks, Wang learned that the "New Maart old cannabis", the city has not yet, whether as a breakfast or snacks are a good choice!

Instead of the shop's China high quality  mobile sales van truck and the "new Marte cannabis" craft has, and Wang began to prepare snack bar!

Comparison of the district, the school gate, square and many other large population flow after the place, Wang decided to own "shop" open to ... ..., here from the district near, there will be a lot of office workers through!

Vintage chic styling attracted a lot of guests, because the new Marte cannabis tastes good, but also slowly a lot more repeat customers. Wang and his cannabis in the local name, the daily income of a few thousand dollars. Wang's business to see how hot it!

Now Wang live a full and happy life every day, his girlfriend has. His boss when the day, so he felt unprecedented happiness and satisfaction, vans can be called "new rich new market, the new lead" a lot of friends want to learn from him, buy a vending truck to achieve business dreams.

"Fritters brother is my role model, he is not much older than me. He can, I can!" Wang proud to say, "the future I will go beyond him!

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