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Piglets transport insulation truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-03

Function 1: constant temperature transport
Hubei Chang Jie made piggy transport trucks equipped with central air conditioning, only heard blowing air conditioning, and heard the air conditioning to the pig blowing it?

Yes, we did, we do not spend money, we pig transport problems consulted Huazhong Agricultural University, College of Animal Science and Technology experts, experts pointed out that the health status of pigs and survival rate of the main reasons is the pig Of the stress. In a variety of biological stress, the temperature stress is an important factor affecting the quality of piglets. For example, people ride a motorcycle to wear a lot of clothes, because the wind is cold in the body, is not it? Pig is the same, ah, slaughter pig can barely withstand, but not pig ah, piglet itself is weak, and the body fat is relatively small, not cold, cold wind more, it is the same with people, but also cold.

So we installed in the compartment a constant temperature system, the temperature inside the compartment to maintain the temperature in the pig favorite, neither hot nor cold, very comfortable. You do not have to worry about how much air conditioning waste of oil, our compartment is filled with polyurethane foam, with refrigerated trucks, can play a role in insulation, can effectively fuel-efficient.
Function two: air circulation
Our piggy transport truck to change the traditional mode of transport of goods vehicles, van transportation, two sides of the car board were equipped with 18 vents, according to the different speed adjustment of the opening and closing of the vent angle, for example, we Now on the high-speed, faster speed, then you can open a little smaller vents, so do not blow the pig, when we go in the city, the speed is relatively slow when the vent can open a little bigger, let the air flow faster. Each compartment is also set up with two ventilation fans, the car can be timely to discharge the turbid air, who said the smell of smell like pigs? Pigs also hate the smell, it just can not, it will not say Well. We have done experiments prove that maintaining air circulation, fresh air, is the key to long-distance transport piglets, piglets in this environment transport lively, very happy!
Function three: oxygen equipment
Our car is not only ventilation equipment, as well as aerobic equipment, aerobic equipment, mainly in two cases, are thunderstorms and hot days, thunderstorms brought low pressure, the air is very hot, people themselves are subject to No, let alone pigs, and in both cases it is recommended to close all vents, air conditioning, open aerator.
Function four: feed water feeding
Our piggy transport trucks are equipped with a sink, to facilitate long-distance transport piggy add water, add strength. Box with stainless steel plate, outside the glass steel, the middle of the polyurethane insulation board, to achieve good insulation effect.
Function five: three-tier structure, hydraulic drive
We put the piggyback truck cargo compartment designed for the three-tier structure, the middle of the partition can be up and down, hydraulic drive, like the elevator, the first batch of pigs into the car, remote control, Rise, the first batch of piglets live in the 3rd floor; and then catch a number of piglets into the compartment, then a remote control, the partition to hold up the piggy, these pigs live in the 2nd floor of the ; And then catch a number of pigs into the compartment, these pigs live in the first floor of the. This translates to three times the size of the pig, which translates to twice the shipping cost, and a lower density of piglets and higher transport quality.
Function six: sewage collection box
We design a tail tank in the sewage collection box, so that the process of transport does not cause environmental pollution, and can be centralized, easy to do fertilizer.
Function seven: Car rear end of the installation of hydraulic flap
We piggyback transport insulation truck at the rear of the installation of a hydraulic flap, loading and unloading piggy when the flap landing, it formed a slope, flap mounted on the built-in fence, thus forming a channel, A bit like we take the plane that boarding bridge, not much to say, in a word: high-end atmosphere on the grade.