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Pay attention to the points of mobile food truck in summer

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-02-18

The company is a professional provider of mobile dining car, electric car dining car and other products and services company, you are concerned about the use of mobile dining car in the summer to understand the point? This article on the content of this to give you a specific introduction, let us take a look at the following "mobile dining car in the summer to pay attention to the points of the flow of the purchase of dining attention"

A: summer use electric car in the charging moment do not charge in the case of low temperature, due to low temperature conditions, the battery in some of the lively growth of substances, lead to excessive charging movement, thus affecting battery life.
Two: long-term electric dining car shelved in the sun exposure. Dining car battery is an important issue in production, the same hot weather in the application of dining time has also become a concern, in order to prevent the occurrence of spontaneous combustion, dining car to shelve in the ventilation or cool place, while shelving the battery exposure.
Three: the maintenance of the tire. Summer temperature is high, to deal with the tire wear and tear, is to swap wear aging tires, and tire pressure to be appropriate, if appropriate, the function of the brake is also a measure. Summer is rainy season, so dining car is set up with rainproof snowstorm function flow, mobile dining car in the summer to use attention point or to stop even in such weather application.

More people will pay attention to: mobile dining car battery related to life problems

Look at the load of the mobile dining car. This is a good understanding, people in the purchase of clothes at all times, are based on the body to choose the size of the clothes, the best is the best fit. Now the market share of the dining car is not the same, all types of models to meet the needs of consumers.
Its main focus on the battery's interest, capacity. If there is no driving force, if the car can not drive, it lost the function, like a fuel tank without oil can not move forward. Driving force in the battery, if the battery capacity is not big enough, not enough, it is estimated that the purchase will feel charging trouble. So before the purchase of the first battery can run how much.
After sale. After all, is often used in the transport vehicles, and dining car bearing relatively large, in the early application process, if there is a problem, is inseparable from the manufacturers aftermarket. Good after-sales manufacturers dining car will pay attention to the purchase of consumer dining car so that some consumers, if you choose a bad after-sale manufacturers, the latter will be a lot of trouble.
The above is about the contents of the "mobile dining car in the summer to pay attention to the points of the flow of dining car purchase considerations", and we must see our introduction, but also on this content has enough understanding. In addition to this, we also in another article for everyone to introduce the flow of dining cars, electric dining car and so on, so stay tuned!