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Pay attention to the maintenance of fecal suction truck in the long-term inappropriate environment

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-14

Fecal suction truck is a special vehicle in the sanitation work, especially now into the summer, the official peak of the use of sanitation vehicles, suction truck, sprinkler, garbage trucks, lorry crane trucks and other vehicles operating time have increased . However, when the summer after the suction truck and so the frequency of use of less and less, then how do we not in the long-term maintenance of the vehicle when our car does it need to pay attention to what problems?
1, to prevent metal rust
Corrosion is mainly caused by the combined effects of moisture, oxygen and corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, for long-term suspension of the car, should keep the metal surface clean. Keep the vehicle in the garage ventilation, so that the air relative humidity remained below 70. The timely removal of dust on the car, dirt and water. In the easy parts and mechanical parts of the surface should be coated with oil, grease or oil paper bandage up. For the assembly on the pore, should be sealed to avoid air, water and dust into the interior.
2, to prevent the deterioration of rubber products
Car rubber products, such as tires, belts and dust cover, etc., often occurs aging, expansion or the shape of the phenomenon, resulting in deterioration of performance, shorter service life. Like rubber products aging, mainly due to rubber is unsaturated polymer hydrocarbons, easy to absorb oxygen in the air and oxidation, while vulcanized rubber also has a certain degree of permeability, the oxygen easily into the internal oxidation. In particular, direct sunlight, can prompt the rapid aging of rubber. Rubber products are gasoline, oil stains, will lead to volume expansion, loose gum, elastic decline. In order to prevent the aging of rubber products, should avoid direct sunlight and mineral oil contact.
3, to prevent linen products moldy
Cushion and carpet, are easy to absorb moisture. Especially in wet areas and rainy season, more vulnerable to moisture mildew. Therefore, car owners should check the regular linen products, timely drying, to keep dry.
4, to prevent the anti-explosive performance of gasoline reduced
The antiknock performance of gasoline is determined by the octane number of gasoline. Car long-term suspension, the octane number of gasoline with the loss of light weight components and the increase in the amount of glial content decreased, so that its anti-explosion with the lower. Therefore, the fuel tank to be tightly closed, and to avoid the temperature is too high. Gasoline storage time is best not too long.
5, often check the engine working condition
Start the engine at least once a month, idle running 4-5min, check the engine operation. If abnormal phenomenon, need timely adjustment, maintenance. In addition, often check the battery. Battery electrolyte level must be higher than the plate 10-15mm, should be added in time to lack of distilled water, should be sufficient to maintain power, if necessary, should charge the battery.

Prevention of fecal suction truck, sprinkler, garbage truck, lorry crane trucks and other special vehicles in the usual use of the time of failure mainly by the daily maintenance, the car is three repair air support, good vehicle maintenance work, the use of Time will be less of a problem.