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Pay attention on tire maintenance to ensure a safe driving

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-15

For the maintenance of school bus tires, the problem is believed to be of great concern to a lot of kindergartens.School bus tire situation is directly related to the lives of children.Then what should be paid attention on school bus tire maintenance?

1. The tire pressure to the standard, to prepare a barometer, the amount of pressure on a regular basis to the school bus at least once a month to ensure the tire pressure is normal. Parking, the car should be parked in the sun long exposure no place; to ensure all four stops on the same level ground.

2. To regularly check whether school bus tires are worn. After a long-distance running, the wheels will be some obvious flaws, excessive wear or "trauma", this time according to the specific situation to choose the spare tire as soon as possible and to further check nearby. In particular, attention needs to be replaced with new tires. Manufacturers generally
prescribed tire life are 80,000 -10 10,000 km, but the specific circumstances or according to the owner's driving conditions.

3. After a long bumpy, positioning the tire may fail most notable feature this time is that the vehicle will appear vehicle deviation, beat, and if that happens you need to be checked.

 In addition, nursery school bus drivers have to develop good driving habits, minimizes tire wear and ensure safe driving.