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Parking long tankers must be taken to protect the paint

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-17
First, paint protection
Paint as people's clothes, paint tanker whether to keep clean, bright old tanker is the first element of judgment. So first thing to do for a long time to park the vehicle in relation to pay attention to protect the body paint, as leaves, dust and even rain and snow so will damage the paintwork. In the Chinese Lunar New Year, fireworks is also very easy to collapse to finish, resulting in tank car body iron exposed, and is easy to produce rust. 
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Tanker parking place is very important, if the tanker idle two or three months or even longer, it is recommended to park your car in the garage because the garage will not only allow the tanker from the wind, sun, rain shower infringement, but also to avoid the leaves, twigs and other foreign matter damage paint. If the condition does not allow, try to find a cool, airy place to park, it is best not to park under a tree or downstairs. If you encounter windy or rainy weather, branches, leaves or upstairs falling objects, etc. will fall on the car body damage.
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Second, the protection of the tire
After tanker parked long period of time, four tire contact area could easily lead to shrinkage pressure, the longer the time suspended, the more difficult to restore the deformed part, resulting in unusable, if not timely replacement enters the body will take place at high speeds vibration, to bring dangerous driving. So before the idle tire must give sufficient gas, so that the tire can withstand a certain pressure.
Many tanker tires there is a "slow leak" phenomenon, mostly because of a tire aging, were slashed, poor tire repair, valve aging, wheels and tires can lead to chronic Mifengbuyan leak. So long-term parking in front of the tanker, it is necessary to check the four tires and the spare tire is in good condition.
In addition, many of my friends think that dog urine for the durability of the tire can corrode tire influential, in fact, dog urine is almost zero impact on the tire, the tire will not corrode.
Third, the battery protection
Battery is in normal driving the tanker is charged by the generator, and after long tanker parked no electricity will be very easy, because a lot of the tanker comes with alarm, vehicle parked for a long time, the alarm will bottle down slowly consume electricity, resulting in the tanker can not start.
During the long-term parking tanker every week the best time to start the vehicle, the battery charge start time is 5 minutes or more. In addition, drivers have long recommended that when parking in the tanker will remove the negative battery to avoid battery power deficit tanker. 
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Fourth, the whole car oil inspection 
Oil tanker car full examination, including oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, power steering oil, etc., it is worth mentioning that they are the "shelf life", that is, even if the replacement driver after oil tanker did not use, but once past the shelf life of the oil, the tanker may still exist a variety of security risks.