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Operation method and precautions of sewage suction truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-05

Attention to sewage suction truck

1. Keep the vacuum pump at the appropriate speed

The number of revolutions of the vacuum pump is too high, the rotor heats up, the number of revolutions is too low, the engine knock is caused, and the component causes
additional impact, which affects the service life. In order to achieve the appropriate work and the number of revolutions, please adjust the best hand throttle position of the
best adjustment section.

2. Turn over the tank on flat ground

In the dumping of the road will not turn the tank on the dumping of the road in the dumping of the parts will not lead to a change in parts plant failure, and there may be a
rollover accident.

3. Turn cans when the first open after the door leaf

Turn the tank before the indentation should be loosened bolt, open the can in the door, remember to close the cans door fan l tank, because the center of gravity after the
rollover dangerous.

4. clutch force box vacuum pump power, the engine idling, and fully into the clutch pedal, clutch force slowly lift the clutch pedal.

5. sewage suction truck driving special attention:

Take the clutch lever in the middle position, step on the clutch and remove the force box. So that the vacuum pump and pump in a stopped state.