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Operation method and application of fuel tank truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-18

First, the operating procedures of fuel tank truck
1, preparation before use
(1) the fuel tank truck conductive rod into the ground, so that "ground", if the ground dry place, can make water wet, to ensure good grounding tanker. Check the chain, so that the tanker with the ground contact.
(2) open the tanker control box door, check the tank valve handle, so that contact with the ground.
(3) for the first time to fuel tank truck pump, the pump without oil, it should be pre-fuel, oil can be added through the oil inlet 10 liters.
(4) Check the oil tanker gearbox oil surface, to the oil surface of the lower edge of bolt hole date, add the lack of gear oil.
(5) Check the tank gearbox control lever, make it in the neutral position, check the force box handle position, so that the level to the right position, so that the level to the right position, check the throttle controller, so that it Is minimum.

2, the oil pump and power take off device operation
(1) start the tanker connected to the pipeline, start the engine, when the original car gauge readings to 0.3Mpa, pedal off the pedal, open the tanker take power box control switch, slowly loose clutch (too fast will damage the take Force and gearbox), so that Guadang. Through the throttle controller, can control the working speed of the pump.
(2) stop. The throttle controller to promote, adjust to the minimum, the clutch pedal, the tanker take-off control lever switch back to the original position, so that the tanker take-off box power box.

3, the use of inspection

(1) Check the fuel tank truck torque control switch is back, check the throttle controller is the minimum position.
(2) check fuel tank truck valve handle position, are closed.
(3) Close fuel tank truck door control box.
(4) to recover fuel tank truck to avoid pole, fixed in place.
(5) oil system control.