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Operation and maintenance of a flow refueling car

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-12-02

The operation and maintenance of the flow tanker should pay attention to the following points:

Dongfeng mobile refueling truck

1. the use and maintenance of the chassis and engine part of the refueling car is carried out according to the instructions of the use of the truck.

2. the use and maintenance of the oil pump, strictly according to the use of the maintenance instructions.

3. the use and maintenance of the filling machine for a mobile refueling car should be carried out according to the instructions for its use.

The 4. filter should always be washable.

5. oil tank and pipeline system should be cleaned regularly.

6. safety valves should be checked and cleaned regularly.

7. regularly check whether the joint of the pipe system is connected well, and the seal is reliable.

8. after each work, the ball valve handle should be pulled to the closed state.

9. ball valves should not generally be in a semi open state so as not to damage the sealing seat.

10. after each work, the outer cover (Du Gai) and the two ends of the oil pipe should be covered in time.

The load of 11. oil should not exceed the rated loading quality. (according to the density of oil).
Need to take power out of gear box 12. before driving.

13. refueling vehicle before operation, must use the conductive rod inserted into the wet land, take the chain should be grounded, should always keep the good operation in the process of conducting electrostatic.

14. when the car is driving, it must be ground by the ground.

15. before the operation of the refueling car, should check the pipeline system oil leakage, grounding wire is broken, the exhaust pipe is damaged, the problem should be solved first.
16. do not allow the use of metal to strike the refueling car parts, so as to avoid the production of Mars, should pay attention to not produce Mars, oil quantity should be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations.

17. the car is equipped with two fire extinguishers. The use of the gas vehicle should be familiar with the use of the fire extinguisher, and check and maintain it according to its instructions.

18. when you need to work in the tank of the tank car, we should pay attention to the good ventilation and the protection outside the tank.