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Open country damage Aerial platform truck correction techniques

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-25

China aerial platform truck for sale 

Aerial platform truck for sale

Some aerial vehicles may often need to work in the field, when the faulty vehicle body deformation during this time will not work, because it is very dangerous, but if the matter is urgent, we must deal with, the first hand to push orthotic device help to correct it, it has the advantage to move with the requirements. The fixture will need to drive the truck back, cumbersome and not let you work in a timely manner.

When using a hand straightening equipment for remedial work, the device is pushed into the accident Aerial below, and the vehicle frame or chassis beams can be pulled or pushed as a job urging fulcrum. Tips are as follows:

1. The hand push orthotic device that is moved into the front collision dented Aerial below, with the steel chain stays and car-based hydraulic jack under the jacking of the living, and then use the jack jacking will pull the damaged area out.

2. When the frame rails sag bending correction, may be placed under the main beam of the device body, while using a chain fasten it with the frame, a hydraulic jack placed between the main beam and the frame, and is located a curved central portion. When the top, jack on the device also from the top, the top beam lever was lifted and the front end of the frame pulled forward.

3. If the lateral displacement, displacement damage is caused by the Aerial side collision, the same will strut and the frame tie-down device. It is fastened method to correct damage to the central movement required. After jacking can be restored to normal.

China Aerial platform truck manufacturer

After high-altitude operations after correction vehicle is stationary, while working to ensure maximum safety.