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On several points water truck mining enterprises to use

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-29

Dongfeng 10m3 Water Truck mounted spraying machine

Various institutions in order to achieve control of mineral dust, green environment, transport, water and other engineering requirements, Ortega large management measures, water truck has become a standard model, but the bad road conditions and use of the environment, in order to extend the service life, it better service, so the water truck performance requirements are very strict, but also in daily use and maintenance more detailed. Manufacturers here to share with you some of the problems of the mining industry should pay attention to the use of water truck

1. First, the pre-purchase, the most important is to ensure the quality, price is secondary water truck, do not covet cheap to buy quality and technology, but off models. Because mine general poor road conditions, traffic difficult, long-term use, such as pay attention to maintenance, but also reduce the performance is not that pose a security threat. Vehicle must meet several important factors, namely: the engine horsepower, the direction of power, the rear axle load, body welding, painting process so considered within the scope, pay attention to each of the connecting member is tightened during assembly, the vulnerability of the best more prepared just in case. If possible, the best choice for off-road four-wheel drive chassis water truck, you will feel unusual driving feel.

2. The mine dust is generally large, water truck main function is to buy to play the role of dust, but the dust is too large, often resulting in the body "gray head soil surface", as there may be a long time do not pay attention to clean dust infiltration machine internal parts resulting in failure, so after each completed work should wash thoroughly. Even when not in use, such as parked for some time should also be cleaned (general fortnightly).

3. In addition to maintenance, but also keep in mind the problems arising in the body, such as water truck tread easily on the harsh road damage, wear something else; leaf spring damping effects, which in the absence of failure should routine check. If severe scratches, damage the rim, spring break, etc. should be promptly repair. It should also be careful when driving and ensure the vehicle stability is very important.

In short, all aspects of mine water truck work should strengthen the awareness closer from the front car, car, and after full consideration of downtime in place to ensure safety, efficiency.