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Old drivers to teach you to delay the retirement age of suction truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-25

Suction truck owners before the purchase of vehicles will consult the factory, the premium life of their vehicles is? In fact, for the life of the issue, the state also has a very clearly defined. But ultimately it is based on the need for suction truck driver whether there is a proper use of the process, if it is normal to use the lack of a maintenance operation or improper operation, then wait until the suction truck to be scrapped after a standard, then it will be completely mandatory retirement. Therefore, suction truck the retirement age retirement age delay still need to rely on the driver's maintenance and correct operation before the delay.

When suction truck is traveling in some relatively poor road conditions, then the driver should be to slow down, because the point is a bumpy road chassis of the vehicle has a certain degree of damage, and those more serious potholes road will chassis tires bumpy worse for the axles have serious damage. So, when faced with such a road, be sure to keep in mind be sure to slow down. When the chassis is damaged car will run the entire situation brought a great impact.

Suction truck battery maintenance, as always, is very important, especially in terminal care, one should always be checked, if found with green oxides on the terminal, then it should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will lead to the situation is bad, but also lead to a shortage of electricity generators, so that the battery will be in the next fed state, and even more serious when the suction truck can cause premature battery scrap. Therefore, the correct cleaning method is to be used to blow off the water, and then use compressed air to blow moisture come in painted repellant, so the next time to prevent oxidative.

Suction truck chassis on the separation mechanism is a more important accessory operation, this accessory is installed in the clutch and pressure plate above share lever to the transmission of the first sleeve bearing cartridge cap above separate shaft, and is mounted on the flywheel the above release fork shell composed of a core tube suction truck can not occur clogging, because then the individual as the central blocked and no way to clear, it is allowed to plug the core tube can not exceed 2 . If the radiator core tube with a cleaning rod or a situation can not be squashed, should be to immediately replace the core tube. Normally it has a very good conservation, care habits vehicle suction truck for maintenance of various important components must be good, very good to be able to delay the retirement age of the vehicle