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Oil level checking and fueling tactics of fuel tank truck.

When fuel tanker truck engine is in working temperature, turn down it, and use oil dip rod to check the oil level.
1.In order to get the exact oil level, the truck need to be flat on ground. After turning down the engine for several minutes, make the oil get to the bottom of engine.
2.Pull out the oil dip rod, and wipe it clean.
3.Reinsert the oil dip rod, and make sure it come to the end, or the reading won't be right.
4.Pull out the oil dip rod, and check the reading.
       If the oil level is lower or slightly higher than low oil level line, we need to fill the same oil into engine. Take off the tank filler cap, fill a few oil each time, and check the oil dip rod. The amount of oil filling we need is the approximate oil level between low oil level line and high oil level line. When it comes to the right range, install the tank filler cap, and tighten it.
     Don't touch the exhaust pipe with high temperature of fuel tanker truck. In order to avoid filling too much,or the engine will breakdown. After finishing the filling, recheck the oil level.