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Notice for LPG truck driver

  • Author:LPG truck
  • Release on :2016-04-26

LPG tank truck is kind of special vehicle which has big dangerous affection to the public safety. Forbidding the driver change and add spare parts and overfilling by oneself. The filling medium must in accordance with the relevant national rules. Forbidding to fill the medium out of the material which list in the technical sheet on the instruction.

LPG tank truck
should limit the drive speed, drive speed less than 20 mile/hour in the turning. Make sure check the tire before drive in case the accident of turnover for the blow-out tire.

For the new LPG tank trucks, before they leave the factory, most of them are not doing the treatment pull out the vacuum or nitrogen displacement for clients ’request. So driver must pull out vacuum or nitrogen displacement for the new LPG tank truck or check the modification for first time to fill up the tank, fill up the inflammable medium or fill up the explosive medium. The oxygen content must have to less  than 3% after the nitrogen displacement and remain 0.05-0.1MPa pressure. If adapt pull out vacuum, the vacuum degree must high than 0.086Mpa. Both of the mentioned 2 methods must be done by qualified company and supply test certificates.

The driver must have to comply with “Provisions on the administration of road transport of dangerous goods”, strict doing as “Rules for the carriage of dangerous goods” & “Working procedures for the carriage of dangerous goods in motor vehicles”