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New technology of road sweeper truck (6)

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-19

Technical Description of Double-layer Structure of Trash box

Dust bins for road sweeper trucks are not only a container for garbage collection during the cleaning operation but also a component that plays a key role in the overall vehicle shape. For the garbage collection, the requirements of the garbage box with corrosion-resistant, easy to clean features; for its shape, it should be matched with the machine, and in the course of the operation will not be generated due to negative air pressure generated by the trash Surface deformation. The problem for the single-layer dustbin sweepers, has been unable to be well resolved.

Chang Jie special Automobile sweeper truck factory, through taking the use of double-layer dustbin, a good solution to these problems. The inner layer of the trash box is made of stainless steel, and the outer layer adopts the process of shot peening, phosphating and antirust paint, and the skeleton is placed between inner and outer layers and not exposed. It has the following advantages compared to single-layer dustbin:

Single-layer dustbin because of its skeleton exposed in the inner surface of trash box, so the road sweeper truck in the garbage when the liner will hang garbage skeleton, some garbage can not be poured from the trash, an increase of the trash Cleaning difficulty. There is no such situation in the double-layer dustbin, because the skeleton of the double-layer rubbish bins, between the outer layer steel plate, the inner wall is smooth, this is advantageous to the garbage dumping, does not hang the rubbish, and facilitates the rubbish bin to clean.

Due to the flow of the working air, the negative pressure will be formed in the dustbin. For single-layer bins, the bins of the bins will be concave. After a certain period of operation, the surface of the single-layer bins will be permanently deformed. The double-layer bins, but the inner wall will have a depression, the wall is not affected by the negative impact of operating airflow.