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New technology of road sweeper truck (3)

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-17

Technical specification of full - floating nozzle with automatic leveling of pavement.

Road sweeper truck in the cleaning operation, the nozzle from the ground should have a certain ground clearance to ensure that the air into the nozzle, and the garbage on the
ground into the duct, into the trash. While the size of the nozzle from the ground clearance, a direct impact on the garbage into the duct effect, that is a direct impact road sweeper truck road sweeping effect. Therefore, to ensure the cleaning effect of the sweeping nozzle, it is necessary to ensure the clearance of the road sweeper truck in the cleaning operation is appropriate, and remain unchanged.

Road sweeper truck nozzle of the ground clearance is the use of rubber wheels through contact with the ground, to ensure that the ground copy. However, sweeping vehicles in the
cleaning operation, often due to uneven road surface, leaving a rubber wheel can not touch the ground, resulting in a large gap between the suction nozzle to the effect of cleaning effect, the cleaning effect of instability.

To solve this problem, the company designed a unique floating nozzle, the nozzle with three-wheel support, and the chassis with multi-DOF connection, so that the nozzle can be
before, after the left and right swing to ensure that its The rubber wheel has been in contact with the ground during the sweeping operation of the road sweeper truck, thus ensuring a constant clearance between the nozzle and the ground.