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Mobile shops trucks winter maintenance knowledge

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-29
Autumn has come, winter be far behind it? Business is war, we do not fight a battle unprepared, owners have to look small as you organize the flow of truck sales winter maintenance of common sense, do your homework in advance, so that your "business partner" to the best state of the art investment next to a "war" on it! 
China van truck manufacturer

1. Replace antifreeze

First, do not mix, and second, do not use fake and shoddy products. Many owners may Southern rarely check this, but if you want to drive to the north in winter, be sure to check the antifreeze in advance.

2. Check the wiper

If you find the time to go out in the morning in winter wiper is stuck in snow on the windshield, then, do not wash with hot water directly, so easy to make the windows and burst because of temperature changes, wiper deformation. The correct approach should be open to the air conditioner hot, hair pattern as the front windshield, wiper naturalized be open.

3. Check the chassis

Winter, car chassis and rain always deal directly, it is easy to rust, speeding tires would mud flung the car chassis. After the storm, the car's chassis began to rust. So, take a moment before winter is best, to be a chassis rust treatment.

4. Check tire

We mainly on tire tread wear, tire pressure checks for cracks in the stones and other debris to clean up.

5. Battery Check

First, check the battery to save electricity situation in a timely manner, if engine trouble occurs at startup or after barely starting speed gradually decreased to explain insufficient battery voltage, need to recharge. 

6. Check the lights

Black light bulbs replaced as soon as possible, thus reducing the number of changing light bulbs in the winter. 

7. Check the ventilation system

Try hot air ventilation system there, fans running any abnormal sound, duct patency. Water heaters sometimes encountered in long-term antifreeze does not flow, condensate blockage circulation piping, etc., must be timely maintenance.