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Mobile sales truck: how much do you know about it?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-19

With the expansion of the housing industry, housing prices jumped up, not only shops rent more expensive, it is hard to find a shop. Who want to venture routine encounter a bottleneck, they began to look for other ways to carry out their great cause with a mobile sales truck. No need to consider connections, customers do not need to worry about traffic, do not even rent utilities. Therefore, more and more people around the corner, then you are on the mobile sales truck, how much better?
By installing the mobile sales trucks in the car different food machinery, to facilitate customers in the car on-site production of fresh and delicious food; can also sell fruits and vegetables, stationery, jewelry, clothes and other goods in the car. Flow in the major crowd gathered, adaptable, completely beyond the limitations of fixed various shops, such a special shop go where all the focus is more compelling than the monotony of the store itself is a living sign. Therefore, it quickly became popular on the market, mobile sales truck.
According to the survey, many people said that this mobile sales truck easily in their daily lives than street vendors hygiene and safety, quality and security; and because no rent and utilities, with the money commodity affordable than low fixed price shop; customers will have their own idea to buy that is earned, so business is usually very hot. But there are also people Tucao, because the flow does not sell trucks fixity, would like to patronize very difficult encounter, and if there is a product quality or food safety issues, could not find the boss to solve. We liquidity truck sales mixed, even so, it did not affect the selling in the major sites.
Many customers are concerned about the mobile sales truck power problems, except for some models of its own power, we the ordinary flow of truck sales, if the need to use electrical power, you can have the following options. Fixed place of business a couple of place and time, you can shop around and negotiate business then the price of electricity. If the flow is not fixed, then solutions are currently only three stages: external mains, engines and lithium batteries. Start the car silent generator at least seven or eight million, may have been far beyond the scope of funds want small entrepreneurs of the cost; if the ordinary generators, only put far point to minimize noise and exhaust; additionally more than two thousand watts lithium batteries may loom with good results, could not get down 20 000.
Many people will ask, what do the mobile sales truck require a license? Street vendor in business activities, belonging to no fixed place of business vendors. Article XIII "individual business regulations", no fixed place of business management approach vendors provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities according to local conditions prescribed provisions, in accordance with local regulations to perform; if the provinces, autonomous regions municipalities have not made as specified, according to "individual business regulations" no need to apply for the operating license. So, according to your specific situation or location policy to decide, if you there is no specific provision, you could use your mettle truck sales up in your city.
Beijing, for example, Beijing has not yet introduced the relevant laws and regulations regarding mobile sales, so the current mobile sales truck business is still in the gray area, without a legal identity on the road so that the flow of trucks sold facing common embarrassing situation. Although the mobile sales truck in Beijing many important occasions had to show their talents, but because the license is still nowhere to apply, there is no legitimate business license, and sometimes will fall, he was chased to catch up to the point where, at any time in danger of being banned, of course, differ from these strict management tier cities, second and third tier cities in the flow of truck sales still very unobstructed. Therefore, the flow of truck sales best choice for those who want to get rich young man in a small city or a very low cost and high income.
If you are planning to sell trucks with mobile business, must find carefully selected according to their own situation to sell trucks and positive understanding of the local relevant regulations, well prepared and then it began to flourish.