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Mobile milk bar dining car

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-19

Moving milk bar dining car Now the fast-food industry is widely used in a dining car, a great location and the development of potential growth market. Independent entrepreneur to get your business dream, enough to help a lot of economic income is invoked. Mobile vans, manufacturers and producers to strengthen consumers ' needs in the overall design, mobile vans were the overall design and planning on, you pick a specific understanding mobile design with following Xiaobian, a van.
Mobile dining car
     1, vehicle paint spray can be selected. Body can be expanded, treble speaker of the device's configuration while you promote with an external power supply can walk, easy to use power tools for power generation car power supply can be installed in the engine.
     2, the main taxi use vacuum braking equipment, front and rear hydraulic drums, use the upper space taxi locker automatic charging system, through high-quality car audio system air conditioning heater is equipped with.
     3, speakers, sound control, while light D lamp and battery equipment, charging and discharging protection after installation of box folding flap, external power connector, use the up and down, move to the bottom of the telescopic ladder is designed to be installed on either side of the back of the car switch, the body has a variety of color selection.
     Hubei Chang Jie special vehicle Ltd. co., specializing in high-quality processing and production, Mobile diner cart Meal times, you business people for questioning, warmly look forward to your arrival to start with lofty ideals.