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Mobile food truck is not bad popularity difference identity

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-14

November 3rd, the reporter in Weicheng District, near the Digital Plaza in Venice to see a "Bingge nutrition meal," the mobile dining car parked at the roadside. Because at that time when lunch time, come here to buy food people in a continuous line.

Two staff members stood in the food truck, is busy to the customer Sheng porridge. This reporter saw a total of about 20 kinds of meat dish vegetables, dry stir kidney beans, boiled meat, etc., were installed in the stainless steel rice lattice, the staple food and porridge were placed in the foam box and insulation barrels.

At the same time, a "fast e-point" mobile dining car docked not far from the city of Guangfeng furniture near the moment before the car gathered a dozen customers, "fast e-point" compared to the types of cooking Under to be more. The two mobile dining car looks very clean, staff are not in direct contact with food, are loaded with a long handle spoon, like Duojiao head, boiled fish, etc. are packed in plastic boxes.

Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of junctions found in urban areas, mobile dining car is very common. These mobile dining cars are converted from large electric vehicles, equipped with a few dishes put the cut off, health conditions can also be. But the staff of the car Shengcai neither wearing a health certificate, did not wear a mask scarf. Although these mobile dining car conditions are simple, or attract a large number of diners.


Each sold five to ten dollars

"We here are the different types of dishes every day, generally around 25. The price is very affordable, a person can not spend 10 dollars to eat.House a 10 yuan, 5 yuan a vegetarian, you can buy with. "Bingge nutrition meal," a staff member said they used ingredients are purchased from large supermarkets, dishes are loaded by the company to do a good job, very safe and sanitary. Reporter bought two vegetables, spent a total of 6 yuan.

In the victory of the West and Peace Road intersection near the work of Mr. Liu is "fast e" old customers, he said that the emergence of mobile dining car to a large extent they solve the problem of their meals expensive, difficult to eat. "As we here, the original can only go to restaurants to eat, each meal costs no less than $ 20. But to buy 20 yuan in this dish, enough to eat three people." Mr. Liu said that since the know The mobile dining car, he almost every day to buy, not only saves time, but also save money.

Kuiwen District early spring garden market, a mobile dining car staff told reporters that the flow of dining car is welcomed by the public, low prices of dishes is a very important factor. "Now eat a meal to the restaurant, at least spend tens of dollars, is to eat a bowl of noodles have more than ten dollars it.We sell more types of dishes than, and inexpensive, usually a person to buy two dishes enough Eat. "The staff told reporters.


Inexpensive food types, office workers favor a plus

Reporters on the scene to see the people in the mobile dining car to buy food, mostly packaged away, but there are people who bought after sitting on the roadside to eat up. A member of the public is eating, told reporters that their units do not canteens, rest time is short, lunch can only be solved nearby. "Tingzhi many dishes, the price is not expensive, really convenient to work in the vicinity of the people, not before the flow of dining car, we have to walk to Taihua or Weifang Commodity City near the city to eat, back and forth to spend half an hour, Inconvenient. "The public told reporters.

Ms. Li in the Weicheng District, West Road and Youth Road intersection near the Gome work, since the store in August with the flow of dining car, she almost every day to buy food. "We have a restaurant upstairs, but the food taste worse than here, and since my colleagues took me to eat once, I have lunch here to solve." Ms. Lee said that because the flow of dining car variety of dishes , And according to seasonal change dishes, so she and her colleagues like to come here to buy rice.

Coincidentally, in Kuiwen District early spring market near the work of Ms. Wang also often go to the mobile dining car to buy lunch. "We eat around the restaurant have been tired, and want to change the taste." Ms. Wang said that the mobile dining car looks to be clean than the food stalls, dishes and more, and the price is very cheap.