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Mobile advertising car unparalleled advantages

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-15

Compared with the traditional print ads, mobile advertising vehicles more dynamic, dynamic;
Compared with a single, fixed LED screen, mobile advertising trucks comprehensive cost-effective, flexible, beautiful, more quality content, according to specific activities, time-saving, effort, worry;
Compared with TV and online media, mobile advertising trucks can be more close to the public outdoor activities or leisure life, landscaping parks, shopping centers, squares and other urban environments, full-color large screen, multi-faceted network coverage, more attractive and appealing;

Press releases: press conferences, product launches, channel investment, journalists will meet;
Activities Roadshow: promotional activities, field activities, product promotion, branding, draft activities, sales, such as live show;
Live: wedding live, sporting events, major events live, concerts, concerts and so on;
Parade shows: product parade promotion, exhibitions, fairs, exhibitions, etc.;
Forum: forums, conferences, lectures, auctions, etc.
Ceremony: housing opening, anniversary celebrations, opening ceremony, festival, ribbon-cutting ceremony, awards ceremony.

Worry: save a lot of inconvenience to the construction, such as environmental damage, poor traffic, noise pollution, saving time, effort, worry;
Flexible: flexible positioning, can be lifted, without space constraints, where there is activity, where the distribution can be broadcast;
Technology: scientific and technological content, powerful, outdoor full-color, professional Yinzhu, advanced FM Taiwan, the body can control, external control and remote control, can be broadcast, live, recording, simulcast, split screen, practical and reliable;
Convenient: excellent communication platform, can provide information services for the audience, cultural display and atmosphere rendering a number of series of services;
Beautiful: stylish design, to enhance the city's various activities of the overall quality of experience; (mobile advertising trucks for hot sale)
Professional: simple and clear operation, computer control, enhance the city's modern atmosphere, leading to provide more professional services.