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Mobile LED advertising truck driving precautions in fog day

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-07

Every time in winter, there will always be a lot of traffic fog tips. For example, in time to open the fog lights and double flash; do not use the high beam to light anti-reflective glare and so on. These little common sense I no longer nonsense, and today, Xiaobian not pay attention to the details of several of us, specifically to tell you out. 

First, you want to ensure that LED advertising truck front windshield is clean, in the fog drive, the light that line of sight is bad because of fog, in fact, the front windshield glass may also confuse your eyes. Foggy car before departure, be sure to clean up before the windshield, the defrost defrost, the clean wipe clean, clean the glass is not enough light to clean up a good clean wipers, in the car from time to time to use the rain brush to ensure that There is no mist outside the front windshield. Light to engage in external cleaning is not enough, the car air supply system to open to the defogging block, to ensure that the front windshield glass inside is clean and fresh.

Second, when driving in the fog, the best lane along the lane to go in order to avoid deviation or even lost; if there are two lanes in one direction, it is best to go along the
outside lane line, which can reduce the vehicle with the opposite Collision risk. Fog in the open, be sure to go along the lane, and absolutely can not "ride" driving.

Third, do not stop on the road, if the situation requires parking, be sure to leave the road, the car parked outside the motor vehicle lane. Parked in the motor vehicle lane, was the possibility of rear-end great. In the parking, to turn off the car lights, only to retain the double flash, to prevent other vehicles mistakenly believe that your mobile LED advertising truck is still driving straight to open you over.