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Mixers summer safety articles

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-28

Cement mixer, summer is the season's most powerful, is the most prone to fault season, but also the most security risk-prone season.

First of all, as we all know is that small concrete mixer trucks often use and lack of maintenance cases is prone to failure. Summer work, and naturally people ignored maintenance and inspection, vehicle failure is likely. So even if busy to vehicle safety inspections.

Summer mixer maintenance

Secondly, the summer temperatures are high, come on we need extra attention. Come on don't add too slowly, the vehicle safety is very important. Because of the high summer temperatures, oil expands, driving motor vehicles will inevitably shake, shake if gas is in the process of with oil expansion is likely to cause oil leakage. This will not only result in a waste of energy pollution of the environment, at the same time there are serious security risks. Summer temperatures are very high, vehicle ground temperature well above the temperatures, emission of fuel catches fire easily. Once the brunt of mailbox on fire on fire, after all, the leaking fuel from the tank, relative to other places are more likely to catch fire. Therefore, moderation when we cheer in summer can not add too full.

Again, concrete mixing and transporting car tire pressure to be reduced, because gas has thermal expansion characteristics. Coupled with the vehicle ground contact and the temperature is very high, making gas inside the tyre temperature is very high, then natural gas expansion resulting in increased internal pressure in the tube, if we are unable to make a change is likely to cause excessive tire air pressure, once the tire in the road for vehicle drivers also have a big impact.

Finally, the summer temperatures are high, water circulation on the surface. Obvious characteristic is the high temperature and rainy, this weather situation for small concrete mixer truck systems are tested. Most evident is the influence of the air filter the air filter must be kept clean and dry. This increased the workload of air filter, then we should change the air filter. Concrete mixer truck in the context of intense work in the summer, it is easy to cause mechanical wear, especially some of the customers do not pay attention to change the motor oil and hydraulic oil. Small series originally told you, oil and hydraulic oil in different seasons using different models for this reason. Therefore, breakdowns in the summer high season, only if we deal with these details in order to make our driving safety, thereby increasing the service life of our vehicles, we seek greater interests.

Purpose in writing this article is to tell the majority of owners, different seasons have different seasonal practices, note summer summer for practice use a cement mixer. We also remind our riders, in the correct home practices, safe driving, safe on the road.