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Mixer running should note the five elements

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-20

Driver friends just purchased mixers often do not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, thereby reducing the service life of the mixer, mixer manufacturers on this issue to drivers to our friends in five aspects:

Sailed in early stages, purchase new car not too fast speed best at 40-60 km and engine tachometer and speedometer, the mixer motor speed and speed are the following.

Second: the mixer oil should also pay attention to: mixers used motor oil is best to use a new car factory specified oil. Mixer startup to wait a few minutes until the water temperature reaches a certain temperature accelerated. Drive to select a smoothPavements, keeping speed, don't be so quick to accelerate and brake, throttle rides, the manipulation of light, but also to watch motor sounds and the temperature.

Three: mixers do not take emergency brake: prevents mixer chassis and motor overload, so not in the originally travelling hundreds of kilometres to accelerate and brake. If there are emergency circumstances, the first step on the clutch pedal and brake.

Four: mixer truck full load will damage the fuselage parts new car: within the first 1000 km, Mixer not too full, finish the run-in period in a new car, full will make the motor last time, resulting in mechanical wear, a new car didn't run a break-in period should not be too long.

Five: truck driving real time shift: first use low gear starts, run 2 miles after changing into high gear, driving in the mixing water temperature should not be too high. Is best controlled at a constant temperature, in moving to real time shift, do not use a gear for a long time, try not to use the high gear at low speed and low gear at high speeds. Shifting from low speed to high speed running first time, maximum speed is best not above 4000 rpm, speed for each gear to run, high speed to moderate, you tap the brake pedal until the speed reduces. Running to a certain mileage to regular maintenance, oil well, running to a certain number of kilometres in the future according to the mixer needs maintenance.