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Mix cement truck maintenance and repair

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-18
Concrete mixing and transporting car transport car, in terms of maintenance and repairs must comply with the provisions of the 1990 Decree 13th, traffic, and implement the \"periodic testing, compulsory maintenance, repair\" system of maintenance and repair. In this context, considering the actual situation of concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repair. In terms of maintenance, in addition to conventional concrete mixer truck engine, chassis and other parts for maintenance, you must also do the following maintenance work.

The concrete solidified into hard blocks in a short time, and has some corrosion on steel and paint, so after each use concrete tanks, clean adhesion in concrete tanks and feeding of concrete is the daily maintenance on the work must be carried out. Including:

1. flush inlet before each charge, keep the inlet when loading wet; at the time of loading to truck the cleaning water tanks filled with water;
2. after charging flush inlet, wash concrete residues near the inlet; to the site after unloading, washing troughs, and then add clean water to the concrete tank 30-40 l;

3. While it is in return to keep the concrete storage tanks forward, slowly rotating; these works as long as a serious, it will bring a lot of trouble to future work.