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Mini refrigerated vehicle full maintenance

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-25

Mini refrigerated vehicle maintenance is mainly regular maintenance, its main work includes checking, cleaning, apoptosis, fastening, lubrication, supplies, without disassembling the conservation and so on.

(1) examination. Checks is determined through the inspection of small refrigerator car parts and damage, its main job is to check the small refrigerator car Assembly and parts look, work and links to the tightness of the bolts.

(2) clean. Cleaning work is to improve the conservation of small refrigerator car quality, protection against mechanical erosion, reduce parts wear and reduced fuel consumption base. Its main tasks include car appearance care and the Assembly, components of internal and external cleaning.

(3) adjustment. Adjustment is the key to ensure that all assemblies and components work properly for a long time. The main content is in accordance with the technical requirements, recovery assemblies, parts, and normal clearance and the working performance of the instrument.

(4) to tighten. Tight work means in order to make the machine is securely attached to prevent loosening of mechanical maintenance. Fastening is focused on by the load is large and frequently changing various parts of joints, as well as the necessary fastening and replace the bolt.

(5) the lubrication. Lubrication mainly refer to reduce friction between the parts, reducing mechanical wear. Its main works include the auto parts are well lubricated and timely replacement and supplements.

(6) supply. Supply refers to car maintenance, automotive fuel, Guangdong oil and special-t liquid filling complemented; to supplement the battery charging ' jobs to inflate the tires.

From disintegration and curing methods. In addition to the regular maintenance, but also refrigerated vehicles in recent years did not take special conservation methods, whose main work is the application of advanced cleaning purifying equipment and high-tech products to major car Assembly for internal cleaning, protection, repair and rehabilitation to stop leakage. This method is particularly suitable for small refrigerator car maintenance work.