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Mini refrigerated truck painted deep scratch treatment procedure and method of operation

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-25

Small refrigerator car paint deep scratch treatment procedures and methods of operation are as follows.

1) small refrigerator car surface treatment. Deep scratches the surface finish process: one is cleaning, degreasing; second, rust; the third is to remove old paint, loose deep scratches on both sides of the old paint off part in surface treatment should be removed, four was sanded thin sand, that deep scratches on both sides were "slim".

2) primers and putties for construction. If deep scratches the surface treatment does not show metal substrate, bottom paint adhesion good, is based directly on the original primer spray paint or primer if the metal substrate is exposed shall be putty knife-coat application and spraying primer or paint.

3) surface coating.

(4) small refrigerator car scratch method.

Scratch fast fill is on special materials and tools, as well as a rigorous process to complete, rather than cutting corners, reducing process, Dodge.

Scratch fast filling conditions as follows.

① operating environment to ensure dust-free. First of all required operating environment, ensure that dust. When painting, even dandruff in the car or clothing fibers can form spots or on the drum kit. Professional paint the paint room, and computer equipment.

II the use of fill materials. High-tech metal PuTTY, impervious, resistant to high temperatures, coupled with fast-drying, can be thoroughly dried 5mln. Because it is a polymeric structure, density, surface smooth, no pin holes, does not absorb moisture. The PuTTY has an advantage is a shape, traditional mud to play three, PuTTY thickness increases the likelihood of cracking.

④ use waterborne environmentally friendly paint and quick-drying oil. Scratch repair paint is also very important. Water green paint, hiding power, contains UV UV additive, Hairspray and anti-fogging agent, ensures that the paint does not fade, durable and beautiful!