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Mini refrigerated truck leaking oil what techniques and considerations

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-13

Mini refrigerated vehicles is one of the most common faults, it will auto lubrication, inadequate cooling or cause early wear of the mechanical parts, in severe cases, the early mechanical failure or vehicle is not available. Vehicles leaking oil in the daily maintenance of the following points should be noted.

(1) small refrigerated truck while doing maintenance for the first time, be sure to peel the tripod, at the end of the engine, clutch, transmission, power steering, brakes, shock absorbers, Yu yao, ball cage and found leaks should be promptly repaired.

(2) when checking the oil, such as loss of time, and you want to check why the losses, because all kinds of lubricating oil on volume of liquid in normal use is not too

Loss, must be early detection, timely solution; find adding the oil too much, be sure to release, as stipulated in the small refrigerator car oil of high raise.

(3) solve oil spill problems not only the symptoms, but also to effect a permanent cure. For example, some of the problems are caused by the vent Plug and oil leakage, at this time not only to address the leakage and

The ventilator machine to process, from the root of the problem, such as Pvc transmission vent pipes, engine ventilation devices.

(4) vehicles conducted an oil spill treatment, treatment and found that the original part to oil leakage, it will carefully inspect what caused, don\'t blindly process again

For someone else. Again for example, combined with surface oil, to check whether the gasket is installed correctly, or a combination of Assembly caused by the surface is cleaned; there is like spring coil key

Parts such as seal, whether you want to focus on the moving parts on the song open, deformation, strain phenomena, causing premature damage of seals.

(5) the oil spill problem must be solved concrete analysis of concrete problems, avoid exaggerating the seriousness of the problem, which led to some oil leakage problem does not require dismantling.