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Milk tanker, milk truck, fresh milk storage tank, fresh milk semi-trailer truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-16

Liquid food truck, milk tanker, milk truck, vegetable oil truck, fresh milk tanker, fresh milk storage tank inside and outside the tank made of stainless steel 304 material can be made 2 to 4 cabin, the need for insulation outside the tank To prevent the milk in the transport of deterioration, the internal requirements of the tank clean, no acute angle, generally need to add in each milk compartment CIP (cleaning device) tank cleaner; the middle layer with 50 ~ 80mm polyurethane foam insulation, 30 Degrees Celsius conditions, 24 hours temperature changes of not more than 1 ℃. Stainless steel outer skin and trunk shape beautiful, the whole body shape beautiful, structural science, light weight, good strength.

Dongfeng 4.53 cubic meters liquid milk truck, the use of Dongfeng truck chassis, the tank volume of 4.53 square, the actual maximum volume can be done 5.7 side, the overall quality of 3365kg, Chaoyang 95 horsepower diesel engine, the maximum rated displacement 2673ml, 7.00-16 Tires, 5 block gearbox, stable performance, transport safety, quality and quantity.

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